Only Using Ingredients That All Professionals Agree On

Only Using Ingredients That All Professionals Agree On

This is the list that I will be following for hermit crab regulations.

We have compared Land Hermit Crab Owners Society’s and Hermit Crab Owners’s lists. There are large differences and disagreements about what is safe between the groups. ONLY ingredients that are on BOTH lists, that BOTH groups agree on, will be used in our shop! There will be no straying from the list, and it will be updated as research proves necessary.

We want to be a safe middle ground between the groups that anyone can trust! We want to proudly represent both groups.

On a personal note; my partner and I have always found it very unsettling finding so many different sources for hermit crab information. Incorrect information coming from pet stores is one thing, and to be expected. However, the professions that we should be able to trust are disagreeing. To us, this shows that we need to start looking towards putting all our cards out on the table. 

Many awesome books and resources are being created for this purpose and we are loving it! We hope to add to the resources by blogging about the journey of finding out, why experts disagree, and what we can do about it! 

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