5 Hermit Crabs in a 10 gallon Rescue

5 Hermit Crabs in a 10 gallon Rescue

We were in Pennsylvania for a few weeks before our house settlement, and we saw 5 crabs within a 2 hour drive! We were able to sync the pick up for them, with the pick up of other crabs nearby!

The guy had a daughter, so I assume the crabs were the daughter’s pet. He called to let us know he was going to put the crabs on the porch for us a few minutes before we arrived. We rushed! It was below zero outside! Snow on the ground!

The crabs were on calcium sand, which is a chemical sand. We never ever recommend this for many reasons. Calcium sand will harden when it gets wet; basically turning to a cement. For an animal that needs high humidity, this is really bad. It basically sucks humidity out of the air as well. If the crabs dig into the sand, they can be cemented into it and unable to leave. 

The previous owner had a fair amount in the tank, so he was clearly trying to provide digging space. 
They had sponges, and pellets.

They had a heat bulb, which is never recommended. Heat bulbs create a basking hot spot that could actually cook a crab. Crabs are not basking animals. 

Every one was in painted shells! 

ALL but one changed shells the first night at home!

Spiderman - Spider-Man shell

Superman - Superman Shell

Kabae - Large white shell

Pyro - Flame Shell

Nattie - Natural Shell

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