About Us

At Auras Ark, our mission is centered on delivering the highest quality and safest animal food products possible. With a commitment to meticulous care at every stage, from ingredient sourcing to production and distribution, we strive to offer pet owners the confidence that they are providing their beloved animals with nutrition that meets the most stringent standards. Our foundation rests upon the belief that the well-being of animals always takes precedence, and we are dedicated to crafting products that contribute to their overall health and happiness.

Hey there! I'm Aura! My partner Karl and I are both from Alaska and are travelers. We share a commitment to making a meaningful difference, supporting both animals and people alike. 

While winters find us in my hometown in Alaska's interior, our summers lead us north to Karl’s home, where we gather most of our supplies through foraging!

My deep-rooted passion for animals traces back to high school, sparked by a realization about the care provided to the animals in the science classroom. Surrounded by a busy, pet-centric household throughout my upbringing, my life has always been intertwined with cats, dogs, and a diverse array of creatures, even including large reptiles and birds. Walruses are my favorite animal, and I dream of one day having an African Grey Parrot!

In our home, we have 8 Hermit Crabs, a Crested Gecko named Po, a Blood Parrot Cichlid called Bean, Alpha the betta, and Kovu the mouse. Additionally, we actively do 'Rover' services and offer doggy daycare throughout the week for a few special doggos.


Meet the Fam!


Charlie is a special pup that we get to care for throughout the week. She loves playing tug, and loves other dogs. She loves cuddles and naps, and hates having to get a bath. She will steal food from the counter if you’re not careful! 


Chena is amazing! She’s such a cool dog; she loves playing in the snow, and is sweet to everyone she meets! She has an oral fixation, so we needs to drag your hand around in her mouth when she’s excited!


Formally known as Pearl-Turk (named by Karl) this crab is not afraid of you! He’s always in the food dish looking up at you. He will come right up to the glass. He has recently lost his large claw and we are doing our best to make him comfortable.

Harry, Buzz, Kevin

These 3 crabs came from a little boy that was very sad to see them go. They’ve all changed into matching shells and are difficult to tell apart. They love to hang out in their coconut hut.


We got him back in November. He was living in a small, dry terrarium as an adult. He wouldn’t eat for the first two months when coming home. He would only drink water. He started eating Pangea off my fingers, and it’s been all history from there !