Cabela The Hermit Crab Rescue

Cabela The Hermit Crab Rescue

Please welcome our new addition! This little crab was posted on Craiglist in Springfield Oregon! This crab has apparently been a family pet for 5 years. They lost interest, and didn’t want to get her another buddy when her old one passed away. 

We met the relinquisher and the crab in the cabalas parking lot! That’s how she got her name!  

She has a shell opening approximately 3/4 - 1 inch. All the shells she came with were too big for her, and had a water build up encrusting them all. It seems like the habitat was sprayed often. 

It’s unclear if she was kept inside the travel tote for the 5 years with the family. The travel tote had coconut fiber, with a dish of carrots. 

The relinquisher said that she prefers sand to dig into (all crabs need sand). I was told she has molted a few times. It is unclear if these were surface molts, or under substrate.

The relinquishers family had been referring to the crab as a “he” but within minutes of being placed in her tank, she allowed us to see her gonopores.

She changed shells within a few days, into a buffed spotted turbo shell that I only have one of. 


She did come with soil mites on her. They are small, red, and fast! But they are harmless and not predatory.

After 3 weeks of PPDS method, she is extremely active and not scared of humans at all. She is all over the tank and has been really social with the other crabs.

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