Hershey and Kiss the Hermit Crabs Rescue

Hershey and Kiss the Hermit Crabs Rescue

Hershey & Kiss came from a family with lots of children! They were a family kid pet until the mother learned that crabs were supposed to have much more proper care. Apparently the dad thought she was crazy, but she seemed to have worked hard in providing good food and substate, as she had purchased a recommended food mix. She also has somewhat deep coconut fiber as a substate. This is better than sand, but it is still not recommend as a sole substate for many reasons. 

She had a wax paper sheet to retain humidity, and a heat mat on the bottom of the tank. I think she did a great job! 

Kiss was active on the whole ride home! He was climbing inside a broken shell, acting all cute!

Hershey was the active one when we got him home! He pulled the whole chicken heart across the habitat! 

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