Axolotl Shop



These fascinating aquatic salamanders with neotenic features (retaining larval characteristics into adulthood) are popular but demanding pets.  Axolotls require a spacious aquarium with cool, clean water, a water filtration system, and hiding spots.  They are carnivorous and require a diet of high-quality carnivore pellets, chopped earthworms, or bloodworms.  Axolotls are not to be handled due to their delicate gills and can be stressed easily.  Their lifespan is around 10-15 years with proper care.  Maintaining consistent water quality is crucial for their health. Axolotls are also sensitive to water temperature and can become ill if the water gets too warm. Due to their specific needs and susceptibility to stress, thorough research on axolotl care is essential before acquiring one. A responsible owner should be prepared to provide a cool, clean, and well-maintained aquatic environment for their axolotl to thrive.