Capybara Shop



Welcome to the world of the capybara – nature's gentle giant!

While undeniably charming, capybaras are not well-suited as pets. These social, semi-aquatic rodents are the world's largest rodent species.  They require a vast amount of space with access to a pool or large pond for swimming and wallowing, as well as ample land for grazing.  Their diet consists primarily of grasses and aquatic plants, which can be challenging to source and maintain in a domestic setting.  Capybaras are social creatures and thrive in groups, so keeping a single capybara as a pet is not ideal.  Additionally, their large size (adults can weigh up to 150 pounds) and potential for destructive behavior make them unsuitable for most homes.  In some areas, keeping capybaras as pets may be illegal due to concerns about proper care and potential for escape.