Hermit Crab Care Sheet

To properly care for hermit crabs, you will need the following items:

Habitat: A terrarium or vivarium that is at least 29 gallons for 2 crabs, and +10 gallons for every additional crab. It does not need to hold water. There is no such thing as too big. 


Lid: The tank needs to be completely sealed, with no air holes or gaps, so the lid needs to be glass, plexiglass, chloroplast, or plastic wrap. 

Heating: A heat mat that covers the entire top half of the back of the tank! Do not put this on the bottom. Do not use zoo med heat mats. We recommend BeanFarm or ReptileBasics as the best sources! 

Substrate: This is the most important part of your crabitat. A 5:1 ratio mix of play sand and coconut fiber. 5 scoops of all purpose play sand from Home Depot, mixed with 1 scoop of coco coir after it’s been able to dry. This is should be 6in minimum, or 3x the size of your largest crab.

Thermometer, hydrometer: A thermometer to measure the temperature + humidity within the terrarium. We recommend the brand acurite. 

Decor: Hermit crabs love hamster wheels!  Branches, plastic toys, fake plants, jute hammocks, wood ladders, and hiding places, such as caves to provide a place for the crabs to retreat and feel secure. 

Food: There is a conclusive safe food list on CrabStreetJournal.org of what can and cannot be fed. Hermit crabs need 50% of their diet to be protein, and for the rest to be plant matter. Leaves are a large part of their diet. Store bought pellets are toxic! They have preservatives in them that prevent the crab from being able to grow. 

Water: Hermit Crabs need two deep pools of freshwater and saltwater that they can fully submerge in. Each pool needs to hold 2 cups of water. To make saltwater, use “instant ocean” salt! Use “Prime” in all water every 72 hours. They will not drown as long as they have a safe way in and out!

Supplements: Eggshell, cuttlebone, crushed coral, oyster shell, greensand, and worm castings are all great supplements that can be left in the habitat at all times!