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For hedgehog complete diet food, we strongly recommend using Hedgehog Precision. https://shop.hedgehogprecision.com

However, we do provide natural treats that are free from preservatives and filler ingredients. All of our insects are raised on natural, hedgehog safe foods, and do not eat yeast or other fillers. 

 Nocturnal insectivores, hedgehogs are not particularly cuddly pets. Their spines are for defense and require careful handling to avoid getting pricked. Due to their nocturnal nature, interaction may be limited. They need spacious enclosures (minimum size recommendations vary depending on species) with hiding spots, a temperature-controlled environment (around 68-78°F), and a diet specifically formulated for insectivores.  Regular veterinary care is recommended, especially to monitor for mites and other health concerns. Their lifespans are around 5-8 years.